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Is your current automotive CRM system running on all cylinders?

This article offers some valuable insights into today's CRM market, and all the buzz surrounding the automotive CRM industry. Let us give you the tool for you to determine which solution is right for your business.

Don't get caught up in the buzz words such as "CRM", "DMS", "Solutions", "Systems", "Portal", "Lead Generation", "TMS", etc and etc. Instead you should focus on words such as "intuitive", "effective", "affordable", and phrases such as "well designed", and above all "user friendly". Many of the sales representatives of these so called "automotive CRM solution vendors" don't have the first clue what exactly is a CRM system. Neither is the sales manager wearing a shirt and tie who is impressed by all these tech savvy acronyms. By definition a CRM solution, especially in the automotive industry is difficult to develop in nature. This is due to several reasons; For one, no two dealerships will operate in the exact same way, their business process, sales process are not standardized to develop a universal business model in which their CRM solution suppose to follow. This grey area can be difficult to overcome, leaving certain CRM solutions only successful with certain dealerships. Almost all of the CRM solutions today fail to realize the first rule of software development that "humans are more intelligent than computers". Yes that's right, even car sales man is smarter than your standard Intel Celeron chip set.

When are you presented with the CRM demo, look for things such as user interface design, does things make sense to you? Is the placement of the text input fields logically arranged? Is there a process that is unnecessary? Or worse are there any super imposed rules in the CRM you can't break? And above all how much is all this really costing you? Well one red flag of poorly developed user interface is the time this CRM solution takes for you to input a brand new customer. Remember how many clicks before you can start typing the customer's information into the corresponding fields. You should stay away from per user charged accounts all together, because this payment method will bleed you dry of all revenue, unless you are on top of your game and monitor the system accuracy, and your invoices. Most of the sales manager today will not have that luxury of time to perform such task. After all why should you add an addition job description for something that is supposed to reduce your work load?

Look for small things such as does the vendor give you the flexibility to have minimum contracts as little as one year. Or are you locked in for life by this CRM solution, that maybe just a bomb just waiting to go off one day. Does the system require specific class room setting training sessions? Or is it intuitive enough for you to figure it out on the first try? Does the system offer you the manager, the capability to edit, add, and delete account? Or do you have to call a 1-800 number and wait for 25 minutes on the phone? Once again thank you for reading this article, it is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM, a Canadian based automotive CRM and DMS solution provider. Visit us online for your video walk through at

Dealer Elite CRM is a Canadian based company offering intuitive CRM and DMS solutions for today's cutting edge automotive dealers. Affordable rates, and $0 setup fees truly make Dealer Elite CRM stand out from the crowd.

Are you using the right CRM solution for your dealership?

This article talks about some of the important functions a CRM solution should provide for your dealership. And some mistakes you should avoid when choosing the CRM solution vendor.

Is your CRM doing its job of organizing your contact list, make your operation run more smoothly? Or better yet are your employees using the system correctly! Some of the common downfalls of a CRM solution include bad user interface design right from the get go. Bad choice of text input fields, mis-aligned form structure can result in confusion and costly mistakes. It is helpful when some one from the automotive industry step in to help the design process to make use the proper lingo and description for your software. Don't assume the end user will understand what is a MySQL Query, because sales person are not trained to understand common computer lingo and languages. The result of poorly developed interface is end user confusion which can result in mistakes such as miscalculated finance payment, or worse wrong input of the vehicle cost into a different place holder. Coming from an automotive industry myself I have experienced this problem first hand. Where my account system is completely in chaos and dealership losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Worst of all the price tag for the poorly developed CRM is sky high. If the CRM solution you are choosing will require user training course, you should re-exam your provider's system. If it is not user intuitive enough right out of the box, this can be a very expensive mistake you will end up paying for.

A good CRM solution will appear simple to use on the surface. It is because they have taken the time to get user inputs and feed backs. Modifying their system to make it easy for the end user to understand. Hence minimize training expenses and costly mistakes. Don't be taken by some sales gimmick when the CRM claims they have integrated with certain websites to help you sell more cars. Because at the end of the day you really have to evaluate if your CRM solution is a solution or a distraction. Another downfall of today's CRM solution is over complicating the simple process of selling, by adding artificial rules of their own, the system can cause bottle necks and better yet complete failure for your dealership. Take for example if you have a customer coming through your showroom, after painstakingly adding him or her into the CRM, you are ready to sell them a car. But after you entered your inventory information for this customer, they decided to change the vehicle to another model. Now imagine your CRM system thinking its smarter than you, are telling you the customer has already purchased a vehicle, and wouldn't allow you to delete the vehicle or the customer. So now what do you do? Well start from scratch again then, enter the customer's information again into the system only to find out the CRM is now telling you there is duplicate information and the customer can not be saved...... Sounds frustrating doesn't it? To a computer professional it sounds down right stupid and almost impossible. What kind of software can allow this kind of decision flow, and you would think some one during the development phase actually drew up a diagram or flow chart to avoid problems like this right? No.... this is a true story of a CRM solution provided by a big name to many dealerships across Canada.

So who control the quality of the software developed for car dealerships? The answer is no one, the rule of KISS or keep it simple stupid doesn't apply to these B grade softwares. The end result is your customer will be frustrated due to the wait time, your accounting clerk will end up posting the wrong information. And your sales manager, remember it's called "sales manager" not "IT manager" has no clue how to fix this bug. If this sounds like your current situation, you should think again about your current CRM solution provider. Because it is a CRM problem provider rather than solution provider.

This article is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM, your true affordable CRM solution provider for the cutting edge dealers. For your demo and video walk through today visit us online at

Dealer Elite CRM solution is Canadian based CRM and DMS solution provider for today's cutting edge dealerships. Visit us online for your affordable CRM needs with $0 setup fee.

Is your automotive CRM solution providing you the right business intelligence?

This article looks at some of the common business intelligence features one should expect from a CRM solution, as well as in depth reporting and other reporting capabilities that are crucial to your dealership.

Today's business intelligence is not only about your competitors, it is also a reflection of yourself in the business world. Knowing what your competitor's strength and weaknesses are not enough, but what about your own performances? Are you spending the right amount for advertising that is the most effective? Are you sending valuable leads to a bad sales person? Most of all are you losing out on business opportunities? All these mind boggling questions can be found in a well formed and developed CRM solution. Because after all it is all about good data mining and data manipulation techniques that can offer you the answer. With the help of a good automotive CRM solution you can truly maximize your business potential.

Let's take for advertising spending for example. By asking your online customers the right question at the right moment, you can categorize your incoming traffic with the labels such as radio ad, Google, flyer drops, newspaper...etc. With good data integrity build into the CRM, your solution will be able to tell you which advertising avenue is generating the most amount of interest. Therefore you should increase your spending on Google, and drop your spending on newspaper ads. This data can be further sorted and viewed as a comparison chart on a monthly basis or yearly basis. Moving on to the next topic of are you giving leads to the right sales person? This is a crucial part of your daily operation, because a wasted lead can literally translate to wasted resources. After you spend thousands of dollars attracting your potential customer, the last thing you want to do is to waste that lead to a bad sales person.

To track a sales person's performance you can do it in two ways, first is to calculate his or her closing ratio, and with a good CRM solution it is just few mouse clicks away. You can chart his or her performance by month, even compare to another sales person. You can also track a sales person's performance by call tracking. The new technology of voice over IP is supported by all major automotive CRM solutions. In coming phone calls can be recorded and played back for you to filter and categorize. You can then use this information to judge for yourself if you are betting on the right horse or not. Another good feature offered by a well developed CRM is called vehicle performance reporting. This type of intelligence will include data such as your best selling vehicle, average inventory age, average turn over ratio, total profit per month, and so on. It is useful data for you to figure out what is your best seller, and if have an imbalance in your current inventory.

There are also rare features of a CRM solution that can offer you 3D charts with real live time data extraction from your database, you can literally see how you are doing at this moment in time. Visual representation of your business intelligent data is uncommon, but there are solutions out there that currently supports this feature. This article is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM solution, visit us online at

Dealer Elite CRM is a Canadian based automotive CRM and DMS solution provider, we believe in offering our clients affordable CRM and DMS solutions with today's cutting edge technology. Visit us online to request your demo today!