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What kind of challenges would you expect when opening a used car dealership?

This article looks into some of the biggest challenge facing today's used car and sub prime automotive business.

If you are thinking of opening a brand new used car or sub prime automotive business this article should help you to put you on the right track, and to avoid certain disasters that could save you valuable time and resources. The competition is fierce when it comes to used car sales or sub prime business, the biggest challenge today is usually finding the right web hosting, development and CRM solution provider. During your first year of your business will be the most difficult one, you have probably just signed a 5 year lease on a property. Maybe just finished your first renovation, with your savings quickly vanishing you need to sell some cars to cover the overwhelming expenses. Don't forget to buy your inventory and very quickly all your cash would be tied up and leaving you a very little margin for error. Due to the overwhelming competition in the market place, you will need to market your self so your business can have a fighting chance to survive. With mounting expenses it is probably the last thing you want to do, but it is essential. During all this mess you probably forgot you will need a virtual office or well developed web site to attract customers. After all, your advertising spending should direct your visitors to your web site.

Many people who are running a used car or sub prime business today are completely unaware of the power of the internet. They are uneasy when it comes to choosing a web hosting, development and CRM company. After shopping around and doing their research they realized just how expensive developing their virtual office can really cost. It is vital to your business's survival to showcase your inventory online as quickly as possible. The longer web exposure means more potential leads and sales. You need an all in one solution that can offer you a well developed web site, along with hosting, and most important of all a well developed software that can control all your inventory as well as lead management. Try to consolidate your internet CRM and web hosting cost with one company instead of many. Not only there maybe incompatibility issues but also integration problems.

Don't be fooled into thinking the more expensive the system is, the better it will perform. It is notorious in the automotive business where poorly developed program are sold for extraordinary amount of money. Look for user interface, look for signs of software age, and any signs of a web based portal rather than a desktop application. Thank you for reading this article it is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM, your affordable automotive web development, hosting and CRM solution provider. Visit us online at

Dealer Elite CRM is Canadian based CRM and DMS solution provider for today's automotive industry. To visit us online please go to

Automotive CRM Solution - Your Automotive Business Control Center.

This article looks at some of the key benefits for a well organized and well developed CRM solution for today's automotive industry.

Perhaps you have heard the term "CRM" which is an acronym for "Customer Relationship Management". In a nut shell it is organizational software specifically designed for real estate and automotive industry. It is intended to keep your customer database up to date, along with appointment making and inventory management capabilities. Although the CRM solution can be used cross platform and industry, but there are few key features that is industry specific for automotive CRM solutions. For one, the dealers using a CRM solution is generally speaking fair in size and willing to make this kind of investment in software because they understand the potential revenue and profit a good CRM can generate. There is a lack of solution providers when it comes to smaller dealerships and lower budget, this gap is becoming more obvious in today's economy where big dealerships are having a hard time justifying the spending on CRM solutions.

One of the most important things to a smaller dealership is online advertising, with ever growing competition and lowered prices on cars, you as a small dealer must be able to update your inventory, online advertising, manage your customers with ease. The system that is suitable for a smaller dealership is much like a control panel in your windows. You should be able to delete, update, modify your inventory quickly, print the necessary documents and input a customer with just few clicks. These types of systems are no longer CRM solutions, it does have some similarities to a CRM, but it is a hybrid system that mimics the functions of a DMS or "Dealership Management Software" at the same time.

All the customer management functions will be essentially from a well developed CRM, but printing legal documents, and extract reports or user management all fall under DMS functionalities. There are very few selected CRM hybrid systems on the market today, especially build for the smaller dealerships. One thing to keep in mind, it is always a good idea to keep your web hosting, web design, and CRM solutions all within one solution provider. That will save you tons of headaches and cost in the long run.

Thank you for reading this article, it is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM, a Canadian based automotive CRM and DMS solution provider. Visit us online for your video walk through at

Dealer Elite CRM is a Canadian based company offering intuitive CRM and DMS solutions for today's cutting edge automotive dealers. Affordable rates and $0 setup fees truly make Dealer Elite CRM stand out from the crowd.

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Is your dealership competitive on the Internet?

This article explores some of the common short falls facing today's dealerships when it comes to web design, SEO, hosting services and more.

Automotive marketplace has always been competitive, due to recent increase in number of dealerships, and downturn in the economy. It is absolutely crucial for a dealership's website to out perform its competitors to ensure your survival in the real world. Take a walk down on any major street near your home and count just how many dealerships are out there in one square km. And it is only recently the dealer principles understood the importance of SEO or search engine optimization. Your Google ranking and visibility is a must have if you need to stay competitive in your designated key words. Ranking well on Google is little more complicated than just a few paragraphs of explanation, it mainly can be broken into two parts. The first part is called "on page optimization" where your web site design play a major role in your ranking. We need to look into few topics such as keyword density, internal anchor links, web page structure, meta tags and so on. The second part is called "off page optimization" where your website is counted for its inbound links, relativity of topic, and of course your outbound links. It is tedious work you must be prepared to face, because your competitor is doing this as we speak.

Many SEO projects will require a blank canvas or a complete redesign of your existing site, this is not surprising because your previous web site is not up to SEO standards. If your website has great on page optimization techniques already build in, than you should thank your existing web designer, or designing company. But most of the automotive related website we have came across today completely lacks any SEO friendly techniques. The next time you are approached by a SEO firm or company be sure to ask their techniques, and client portfolio. There is nothing worse than an expensive SEO project only to find out you have been black listed by Google due to bad SEO practices. Be suspicious if your SEO firm can "guarantee" any placement on Google, a true professional will understand the Google ranking rules and will not be able to offer such guarantee.

Thank you for reading this article it is brought to you by Dealer Template, your affordable automotive web design, host, and SEO firm. We can offer you the complete online package and have your business found by your potential clients in no time. Visit us online at

Dealer Template is your affordable automotive web design, host, and SEO firm. We can offer you the complete online package and have your business found by your potential clients in no time. Visit us online at