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Are you ready for your all in one automotive CRM solutions?

This article talks about the different CRM functions that are required to run a dealership, and how these technologies all work together in harmony in an all in one solution called Dealer Elite CRM.

Having a well developed and cutting edge CRM solution is one thing, but truly understands its capabilities and features to benefit from the software is another. Dealerships today are often at two extreme ends of technology, one barely have computers setup for their used car department, and the other have 6 to 7 separate portals or web based CRM solutions they are using trying to beat out their competition. For the first type of dealers who are still selling cars with "old school" techniques and believes, they haven't realized they are using the paper and pen version of a CRM system rather than a modern day database. In essence a CRM solution is important because you need to keep track of your customers, leads, referrals, or anybody who walks through your front door showing any interest in a vehicle in your inventory. Whether you use the old fashioned work sheet, with a carbon copy to organize this task, or a centralized computer system. The goal is the same, you are trying to figure out how to manage your business better to sell more cars and make more money! Haven said that, consolidation of all these portals into one solution not only can save you time and money, but it can dramatically increase your work efficiency! The dealers that embrace technology on the other hand have the wrong idea of more systems will generate more leads, and sales. That is not necessarily true! The more systems you add to your dealership, more training and I.T maintenance are required, there have to be a governing body that can make sure the data you carefully entered are kept up to date, and clean of any errors. This is no small task, and the system can be easily overwhelmed and quickly snowballs into disaster if the data integrity was not kept up to date.

A dealership today maybe forced to use few different systems, because these vendors refuse to work with each other. For example, Autotrader has their own version of the control panel where you can manage your inventory online at Autotrader. Even though it is not considered to be a CRM solution, but never the less it is an inventory management software that you will need to log in everyday to keep your pricing, images, and vehicle description up to date. Another function that is important to a dealership is the 1-800 call tracking services, there are many service providers out there who can offer you a 1-800 number at a cost. This can be a great tool to track your advertising spending and to figure out if your sales staff is doing a good job or not. Typically these 1-800 call tracking service providers will offer you some kind of back end administration access in which you can filter, manage, and sort your incoming leads. But how great would it be if all these systems can co-exist in one software, if we can add the functionalities of Outlook to send quick messages, with the tracking ability of voice of IP technology, marry that to a lead management system. On top of that add vehicle inventory management system, and develop this cutting edge CRM with some of the latest technology. That will be the ideal CRM solution for your dealership!

Today this technology exists in an all in one automotive CRM solution called Dealer Elite CRM, designed with the sales manager in mind, Dealer Elite CRM can cut down your work load and cost significantly. To request your demo account or see our walk through video please visit us online at for direct link to this article

Dealer Elite CRM is a Canadian based automotive CRM and DMS solution provider, build with today's technology but at very affordable rates. Contact us today for your demo account or in person demonstration.

Is your automotive CRM solution crippling your dealership?

This article looks at some of the common downfalls of using an automotive CRM solution incorrectly, or some side effects of a poorly developed system, that can be crippling to a dealership if not addressed.

Wait a second, a CRM solution for my dealership supposes to help me make more profit, easy to use and help me to organize files better. How can it work against me? Well you are in for a treat for some of the hidden problems your CRM solution vendor wouldn't tell you. Let's put aside about the outrageous price tag for a moment, just focus on the tools, features and programming logic. Most of today's automotive CRM solution are all web based, worse yet they are designed by the ex-car sales manager who has absolutely no training or education in computer science or programming languages. The product is usually produced by developers or application programmers who have no clue of automotive business. This gap in knowledge and experience can result in some poorly developed web portals that can be counter productive and outright backwards. Because most of the CRM solutions today are web based, there is the first issue of system performance. Although a web based system is cheaper to develop and easier to maintain, but it is vulnerable to hackers and attacks compare to a full blown desktop application. Imagine every data field and text input has to be processed by some PHP script on the server, you will have to wait for server response on every page load. How much time do you think that system will waste compare to a desktop application? If used incorrectly the CRM will add unnecessary complexity to a very simple situation of selling cars. But because most of the sales manager are impressed by the I.T business overall, they love to know if the portal has the latest capabilities or integrations without knowing the long term effect it can cause the dealership, or in another word the "big picture".

If the system deployed is not user intuitive enough, it will most likely require training to use the system properly. Now if the training is missed, or the user didn't retain the training course, he or she can enter bad data, or worse yet, no data at all into the CRM, which will defeat all the intended purposes. Just remember the next time you meet with your automotive CRM or DMS system vendor, take a look at the user interface, does it make sense to be where it is? Is the system clearly labeled? Can a high school student figure it out without any training? Unnecessary complexity is not always a good thing, it often create more problems than it solves. So don't get caught up with the tech savvy acronyms. Make sure the system is secure, well designed and developed, above all users friendly!

So the next time you are putting your CRM solution to the test, make sure you are getting what you are paying for. I hope this article can help you make some more informative decisions when it comes to your next automotive CRM solution. This article is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM, to visit us online please visit

Dealer Elite CRM is a Canadian based automotive CRM and DMS solution provider, with many affordable solutions for today's cutting edge dealers, contact us today for your quote.

Understand the importance of "data integrity" for your automotive business.

This article explores some of today's common mistakes, and problems of 'data integrity' that is causing you the valuable time and profit.

If you are the GSM or general manager of an automotive dealership, you probably have never heard of the term "data integrity". The term "data integrity" means data that have a complete or whole structure. All characteristics of the data including business rules, rules for how pieces of data relate, dates, definitions and lineage must be correct for data to be complete. Or in plain English is your data accurate! With many tools today that's been offered in the automotive industry it is difficult to comprehend their complexity and functionality. Problems occur from both end of this equation, the business end problems occur from poorly developed software that has many bugs and some fundamental flaw. The user end comes from lack of training and poor user interface, resulting in mistakes and poor data integrity. On top of that many of the vendors don't work together, resulting in a dealership relying on multiple portals to conduct everyday business. If you can take away anything from this article, remember this! When you have software that requires data entry, who is capable for that job in your dealership. If the data is corrupted or inaccurate, you may as well get a monkey to do this job, because inaccurate data is useless when it comes to reporting, data mining, and trend tracking.

Having a system is great, but every system requires an administrator. The next time you are been sold by a sales person, don't be fooled into thinking unnecessary complexity is a good thing for business. Because in reality isn't computers suppose to make your life easier, not to force you to enter more data? If you are assigning your sales manager and sales team to use this tool, keep in mind they are not computer programmers by trade, and if the program is not user intuitive. How often do you think problems and mistakes occur? Remember a simple to use automotive CRM or DMS tool is deceiving because it is able to hide many complex functionalities behind the scene, and in essence it will probably be the better choice when it comes to your CRM solution.

The last point I want to emphasis on is the factor of cost. Don't fool yourself into believing by paying more you are getting a better system. The truth is many outdated systems out there will cost you a lot more due to their maintenance and the fact these programs are aged, and to find a suitable programmer who understand this technology usually cost a lot more money. Not to mention many systems developed in that era are poorly tested, the tell tale sign would be the system is text based.

Thank you for reading this article it is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM, your affordable cutting edge technology for today's automotive dealerships. To visit us online for more information or a video walkthrough please go to

Dealer Elite CRM is your affordable yet cutting edge technology developed specifically for automotive dealers, visit us online please go to