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Are you feeding your automotive CRM solution also known as the 'data monster' ?

This article explores some of the short falls a dealership faces when it comes to deploy and usage of their daily CRM solution. It provides you some tips on how to solve some of the common problems plaguing your data integrity.

Ok you got a CRM solution for your dealership, you would think you are well on your way to the well organized, profit making dealership you always dreamed about. Well things are not always as simple as it seems, and just because your solution vendor promised that scenario to you, it may just be too good to be true when it comes to real life applications. The nasty surprised will soon hit you in the face like a brick if you are not careful. For one don't forget you bought a CRM solution, not a Honda Osomo robot who is intelligent enough to input data for you by itself, on top of that keep the data integrity in tack.

So the big solution has been deployed, but who can keep it up for you? Can you hire some data entry clerk just to input data for you? Well no, because some of the information is sensitive to the management where you don't want people to know. Well the next question is does your sales manager understand the important concept of "data integrity" or in another word how accurate the data is inputted, and nothing is missing to compute your sales performances and advertising spending. Because after all if the data inputted is corrupted to begin with there is no point to input the data at all. Very rarely an automotive sales professional will understand that concept because they are not brought up in that environment. So are you just adding more work to yourself, and worse off, are you in directly hurting yourself by keeping the corrupt data.

Many of the CRM solution vendors out there are not putting out quality, user intuitive products for your staff to use. And in return you will harvest bad data, or even worse no data. So be very careful with your CRM, because if it is not deployed or chosen carefully you may soon be in for a nasty surprise. Remember the data doesn't come from thin air, some one need to produce the data accurately and timely, are you certain your staff can handle the task. Or is the CRM well designed to avoid the problem...

This article is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM, your CRM or DMS solution provider for Canadian automotive dealerships. To visit us online please go to

Dealer Elite CRM is a Canadian based automotive CRM and DMS solution provider, with affordable solutions for your dealership.

Is your automotive DMS system running your dealership more effectively or more costly?

This article looks at some of the good, bad and ugly sides of automotive DMS systems, and offer you tips and insights on how to improve your dealership efficiency.

DMS system or "Dealer Management System" refers to the complete packaged software that can run your automotive business. From printing service invoices to manage internet sales, from inventory management all the way to accounting and payroll. It is suppose to be the comprehensive system that is able to run a dealership all in one. But the software vendors in the market place are often poorly developed and hopelessly outdated. Many of the DMS or even the CRM solutions out there can be unnecessarily over complicated and redudant. Trying to enforce certain processes in the automotive business often leads to overwhelming human errors, and counter productive system glitches. If you can take some time out for a little research, you should ask your support staff just how many functions of your DMS system they are truly using on a daily basis. Or better yet, pick a random function in your DMS system and quiz your staff on it. If your dealership support staff are only using a small fraction of your current DMS system, don't you think it is a complete waste of money and time to have these over complicated system that is never put into use? If your DMS system require intense user training on top of that, don't you think you are using the wrong system all together? Perhaps you are creating unnecessary obstacles for your business that is separating the meaning of team work.

A poorly deployed or developed DMS system can actually cost your dealership more money and time in comparsion to a well developed system. Don't over complicate the simple process of selling a car. Focus your energy on selling cars not to have a seemly complicated system that is full of bugs, and not user friendly at all. If you have a system that can do what you are looking to do with just few simple clicks, don't you think it is a lot more efficient to manage? When it comes to used car business the biggest challenge is to manage your inventory effectively, your DMS system should help you in this task to make your inventory organized and easy for access, not to create unnecessary obstacles to print, export and publish your inventory to sales staff. So the next time you hear the sales pitch for a CRM or DMS solution remember to ask these questions other than the cost.

This article is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM your affordable automotive DMS and CRM solution for Canadian dealers. We are your complete web design, hosting an CRM solution all in one. For more details on our product or a video walk through of the system please visit us online at

Dealer Elite CRM your affordable automotive DMS and CRM solution for Canadian dealers. We are your complete web design, hosting an CRM solution all in one. For more details on our product or a video walk through of the system please visit us online at

The evolution of automotive CRM systems.

This article looks at the automotive CRM systems and solutions your encounter today, and where they come from and where they are going.

Well, to look at the current systems on the market place, one should look at the reason why the automotive CRMs are introduced in the first place. The very first automotive system was called DMS system or the dealer management system. It derived from the need of calculating how much should a technician should get paid based on the job he or she just completed. It was a simple concept, a simple computer terminal where it is connected to a system or network. Can offer the technicians the next available job in a computer screen, he or she can log on to the job to accept, and finish the job and close the system. At that point service department can track the progress of the work flow, as well as fairly distribution of jobs amount technicians avoid the problem of favoritism. The system was simple, and it was designed to be simple. Text based with basic description of the up coming job, and users can interact with the system with basic system commands and f keys.

But with the progress of technology we are more concerned today with something that's called business intelligence, or a CRM solution where the general manager can access few simple key strokes to find out how the entire dealership operation is doing. It is a great dream and concept, the only problem is that the integration with the older system that was developed for technicians were never meant to be used in the modern day application such as this. This in turn left a huge technology gas between the versions, where years have passed by but the original platform was so outdated it is difficult to convert the older system to be compatible with the newer ones. That is one of the biggest technological problems we are trying to solve today!

The obvious solution to this problem is to redevelop an entirely new application based on today's platforms. As the days pass by, less and less support is available for the older systems that require Java plug ins for windows 98, even older. As the older system plug ins are flushed out of the market slowly, the application development team has limited time to have the newer application developed in place of the older one. Don't get caught up in the incompatibility war of the vendors, this article is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM your affordable CRM and DMS solution provider, visit us online at

Dealer Elite CRM is a Canadian based automotive solution provider, offering dealers affordable DMS and CRM solutions for their operation needs.