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Feeling trapped by your current automotive CRM solution?

This article explores some of the common problems when it comes to data migration, and outdated automotive CRM solutions, offers you helpful suggestions as to what to do to avoid future catastrophy.

So you are running your car dealership for the past 20 years, you have established your business in the community. Now facing some economical challenges and financial hard time, you want to make sure your dealership is doing everything possible to keep your doors open. But there are few obstables in your way, for starters you have used the first generation automotive CRM solution that was offered to you more than a decade ago. The system is currently outdated, and will not be supported by Microsoft windows for much longer. You are worried about your system's stability and usability for the future, because if Microsoft decides to turn off the tap. You will be literally left in the dark ages. But moving this monster data warehouse is not as simple as it sounds. First of all, your current service provider will not offer you any help in your data migration, or there maybe a huge cost involved if you request such operation. Also you don't have enough computer expertise to assets your situation to make a correct decision whether you should start from scratch or not. Well sir you are caught in a tough situation we all regret to be in.

Some of the problems you may encounter when dealing with these older systems are: for one, the older system maybe the first generation database of the "flat filing" system which is not compatible with modern day relational database designs. Which forces you to continue with the poor service. How can you tell you have an obslique system on your hand? Well the tell tale signs are: the system only works on Internet Explorer 5 or 6, and no other browser will support it. Or the system will require Java runtime version 1, which came out of the days of Windows 3.1, remember that? About 15 years ago? Now the ultimate question is how would you transfer all you existing data to the new provider? The quick answer is unfortunately the answer you don't want to hear, "data entry". Manually input everything from the database back into relational database. But if the previous provider runs on relational database, then you can request a data transfer. Depending on the cost, this route should be your quickest way out.

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Dealer Elite CRM is a Canadian based DMS and CRM solution provider offering affordable solutions for today's tech savvy dealers, for more information please visit us online at

Functionality versus simplicity in today's automotive CRM solutions.

This article looks into the world of automotive CRM solutions, offer you some real insights from an I.T professional's perspective when it comes to the software functionality versus its design.

We all have heard of the saying "functionality over design", but how can this phrase apply in today's automotive CRM industry? After been in the Canadian automotive industry for the past 7 years, I have encountered many CRM solutions from the software vendors. There are a wide range of selections of software available in the Canadian market, but very few are catered towards the smaller dealers. Many CRM solution vendors are in a rat race to become increasingly more complex, this unnecessary growth in complexity usually forces the end user to make mistakes rather than profit. A poorly designed CRM solution often enforces many artificial business rules that are not a reflection of the real business world.

No two automotive dealerships are the same, hence no two business rules can apply exactly the same way. It is better to build a CRM offering the end users the option to manage the inventory and customer quote rather than trying to outsmart a human. Keep in mind a CRM system should be there to help the end user to run their business more efficient rather than forcing the end user for product training. The key concept when it comes to a successful CRM solution is the business models itself, as long as the business model is accurate, the vendors should leave as much options open as possible. A CRM solution that can be used to reflect the true relationship database model will be the most successful. Linear business process is a dangerous design and can cause a lot of headaches for the end user down the road.

A well designed CRM should focus on function, but use intuitive designs to help streamline the system to better the user experience. Don't just rely on either element, because well functional software without design will fail. Thank you for reading this article it is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM, your ultimate CRM solution for today's small dealers. We offer web design, hosting, template, domain registration as well as CRM solution as a complete package for today's tech savvy dealers. Visit us online anytime at

Dealer Elite CRM is a Canadian based company offering intuitive CRM and DMS solutions for today's cutting edge automotive dealers. Affordable rates and $0 setup fees truly make Dealer Elite CRM stand out from the crowd.

Automotive CRM solutions the good, bad and the ugly!

This article explores some of today's commonly used functionalities in automotive CRM solutions, we will look at the good, bad and ugly features some of these CRM solutions offer.

Well let's begin with the good since it is the first on the list, there are many CRM solution vendors out there. One good feature that every one seems to share is the incoming 1-800 phone tracking capabilities, any respectable CRM solution will offer this feature of recorded phone call from their targeted 1-800 numbers for advertising tracking purposes. The CRM solution providers often are partnered with a voice over IP solution provider to offer their clients this service. Voice over IP call tracking got to be one of the biggest improvements found in today's CRM or DMS systems for dealers. Another good feature is sales reporting and performance tracking, almost all of the CRM solution vendors offers some sort of way to track their advertising spending, or sales performance. This can go as far as the best selling model for the month, even export to Excel file format. The last good feature of today's CRM we are going to discuss here is the ability to manage, transfer lead from sales person to sales person. With different security access levels, a manager can access sales person's lead and manage and transfer them at his will. This level of sophistication is light years ahead of the older systems.

Now moving on to the bad, or the weaknesses of some of the CRM solutions today! Well one of the biggest draw back of automotive CRM system today is its platform. Almost all of them are web based portal system that is accessed through a browser windows. Here are some of the draw backs of that system, for one refreshment rate, every time you input something through a web site it will load another page to display the result. It will cause major delays between the data transfer and require much more bandwidth to operate. The second draw back of that system is there are different standards between the browsers making it not 100% compatible with all systems. For example the way this portal displays on Internet Explorer 8 is not the same way as Internet Explorer 6. Even worse certain system requires you to go back in time to Internet Explorer 5 to be compatible with them. That's just to show you when the technology was developed. Third draw back would be security issues, not only the HTML or JavaScript codes will be visible to users, it offers great information for a hacker to break in the system. Things such as the system structure, or vital system file names are all exposed to the naked eye making a web based system more vulnerable compare to a desktop solution.

Ok here comes the ugly, for one the real ugly thing about the automotive CRM systems today is the price tag. After careful research on the market I have found they are all asking from the lowest of $1500 per month to as high as $5000 per month. Not to mention setup fees ranging from $1200 all the way to $10000. In a nut shell these web based systems are lot less sophisticated than Facebook, yet Facebook is free to use. At Dealer Elite CRM solutions we don't believe in ripping off our clients with ridiculous prices, on top of that we deliver a quality, well tested, desktop solution with $0 setup fees, and very affordable monthly plans at fraction of the cost compare to the competition. Contact us today for your demonstration, and account setup. Visit us online at

Dealer Elite CRM is a Canadian based automotive CRM & DMS solution provider severing Canadian dealers with a robust yet affordable solution.