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Do you know how much business a bad automotive CRM system are really costing you?

Hey wait a second a CRM solution suppose to make me money and keep my business organized and productive, how can it cost me money other than the monthly subscription fees. Plus I pay already a hefty amount per month to begin with for our system, it is suppose to be working well. If you are the general manager for your dealership, and what I just described above is something that just ran through your head then you should really, I mean really look into your current CRM solution and verify its usefulness.

CRM is acronyms for Customer Relationship Management, it is suppose to be a system that keeps your dealership running efficiently and help you organize your tasks, customers, appointments and inventory. But poorly designed or developed software can cost you business and money in real life. To design and develop an automotive CRM takes time and talent, with good understanding of the business. There are many providers out there claiming they are in business since the early 80s and they have the best system in the market (which is true back in the 80s, and their software has not progressed for almost 20 years). Don't be sold into another useless solution again, you don't have to pay $2000-$5000 per month to use some outdated, unintuitive, poorly designed and developed system, that in actuality can cause you money and business. You don't get a better system because you are paying for a bigger price tag.

In the world of automotive sales, there is really very little scientific or technical knowledge that is required. By having your staff using a complicated system that requires training will actually hurt your business. Car sales person are not programmers, they are two completely different breed of people. A poorly developed and seemly complex system will result in poor data integrity. And a technical night mare for user mistakes, and technical traps. Imagine if your staff can't tell you how much your used car in your inventory really cost. Because they don't understand the system, or they are mis-quoting customer monthly payments due to the poor user interface. And difficult to understand financial calculator.

So the next time you are looking for a CRM system for your dealership please keep in mind you don't have to pay $1500 per month and $2000 setup fee just to use something that is less sophisticated than Facebook. And make sure your next CRM solution is actually developed by computer programmers, not car sales person who hired some overseas programmer to produce.

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This article exposes some of the bad programming practices, and faulty system designs on automotive CRM software, and compare some of the pricing structures of different vendors.

The importance of a CRM solution for today's sub prime lenders.

This article looks at some of the common challenges facing the sub prime business, with particular emphasis on the importance of a CRM solution.

There are many different categories of sub prime business but one in particular that stands out more than any other is in the automotive sector. With today's rising unemployment rate, and sputtering economy. There is a huge rise in demand for bad credit car loans and lenders. Just flip open the classified ads in your local newspaper you will see countless ads for businesses that is offering credit to people with bad credit. The sub prime business and market is becoming more competitive and aggressive by the minute. With virtually every car dealership ready to open their very own sub prime office just to get in on a slice of this pie. Many sub prime business fail during their first year, this is due to several factors. Usually the biggest investment you have to make to establish your sub prime business is the initial web development and CRM solution cost. This can range anywhere from $5000 to $15000 for the web site, along with $2000 to $15000 for initial setup fee for the CRM. Monthly expenses can range from $200 to $400 for web hosting to $1500 to $5000 for the CRM system. Due to the competitive nature of the business it is ever more important to have a well developed web site along with strong advertising and SEO campaign.

The most of the traffic you will encounter are web based, therefore it is crucial for the sub prime lenders to have a robust and well developed CRM solution that is capable to organize your incoming leads effectively. Virtually every customer you will see will fill out a credit application, and this collection of data should be captured accurately and filed away in an organized fashion. The system should allow you to retrieve any credit application or customer information with just few clicks of your mouse. The key is to find a suitable web and CRM solution packaged together with no initial cost and very affordable monthly rate. Don't be fooled into thinking the more expensive a system cost, the better it is again. Do your research and compare product features and cost closely and have yourself a successful sub prime business.

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The importance of SEO in sub prime automotive business.

This article explores some of the facts and fictions when it comes to automotive SEO services, with helpful insights for you the business owner to gain additional market share.

With virtually every dealership now having a sub prime department, the business of bad credit car loan is becoming ever more competitive. The old fashioned approach of building a simple web site with an online application is no longer effective according to market condition. With more emphasis on search engine optimization than ever, many sub prime businesses have spend tens of thousands of dollars in the area of web marketing and online advertising trying to drive traffic to their web site. Paying for SEO marketing and ranking on Google is very costly, depending on the SEO company you approach, this on going spending spree can easily ruin your business if you don't keep a close eye on things. With most of your advertising spending focused on SEO services, your website development and backend CRM systems usual will suffer as the natural consequence.

Driving internet traffic to your web site is a good thing, but are you sure your current web site is capable of converting these traffic into leads? If not, you are literally flushing your money down the toilet. But how do I convert traffic into leads you ask? Have a web site with great content, helpful articles, and your online inventory is usually a great start. Posting blogs, having your application form well organized will show you are a true professional, not just another fly by night business. Keep your web site content fresh by changing your inventory as often as possible. Post pictures of your inventory, have a well designed and developed backend CRM system that is capable of this task is the key to your success.

Remember driving traffic to a web site is relatively easy, but retain that traffic once your visitors arrive at your front door is the challenge many sub prime businesses are still struggling with today. This article is brought to you by Dealer Elite CRM, your affordable automotive specific web design, hosting and CRM solution provider. Visit us online today for more details and a video walk through at

Dealer Elite CRM, your affordable automotive specific web design, hosting and CRM solution provider. Visit us online today for more details and a video walk through at